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Why You Should Get an Oil Change

Oil is the life-blood of your engine. Without the routine oil changes, your engine could suffer catastrophic failure.

Boost your gas mileage. When your oil gets dirty, your engine becomes less efficient. You engine works harder to accomplish the same amount of work. Which burns more gas in the process.

Extend the life of your vehicle. Your vehicle needs oil to survive. Clean oil keeps your engine cool (along with coolant) and provides your engine with the lubrication it needs to operate.

Catch minor issues before they turn into major problems. When you get an oil change at Prater's Automotive Repair, the technicians will perform a safety inspection looking at your filters, fluid levels, brakes, leaks, and other critical areas.

During the safety inspection, if any concerns are found, the concern will be brought to you for explanation before any work is performed.


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